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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of activities are there at Casa Maria? 
There are many things to do at Casa Maria. We offer two kayaks, volleyball, boogie boards, bochie ball, dominoes, walks on the beach, quiet reading from a small book library. There is a TV with DVD player, with about 60 movies. There is also an Ipod Player and CD player (bring your tunes)

What activities are there in Mahahual? 
Mahahual offers snorkeling and scuba trips, fishing, parasailing, jet ski rentals, shopping, Mayan Ruins, guided tours and there are many restaurants and bars to relax, have lunch and enjoy the views. 

What time is check in and out? 
Check in is at 3:00pm and check out is at 11:00am  

What about the drinking water? 
There is purified drinking water available in the kitchen, as well as purified ice and water from refrig. 

Does Casa Maria offer a maid and cook? 
There is a full-time caretaker on site at Casa Maria to answer any questions. Please remember that Casa Maria is an eco-friendly villa and we need to conserve water and electricity. There is also a restaurant 1min away by car or a 10min walk up the beach, at the Mayan Beach Garden. The Mayan Beach Garden will deliver 3 meals per day for 25.00 pp to Casa Maria Guest.  

What about Travel Insurance? 
We want your vacation in your own private villa to be a positive and memorable one so we strongly suggest that you obtain Travel Insurance. There are No Refunds for Hurricanes, or other natural and non-controllable disasters. We do not sell Travel Insurance, but we have listed a few web sites that you can check out. Travel Insurance is not as expensive as you might think.


What about car rentals in Cancun? 
You can rent a car at the Cancun International Airport. All the major companies are located there. 

Do I need to rent a 4-wheel drive car? 
A 4-wheel drive car is not required, however the more ground clearence that you have the better. There are street signs that read "Topes" which are speed bumps. They are hard to see and if you hit one going too fast you can crack your oil pan. They are usually located before and within the towns you drive through. 

What is the best way to get to Casa Maria? 
Flying into the Cancun Airport and renting a car is the best way. For directions to Casa Maria please go to the following link; Directions to Casa Maria.
Some folks fly into the Chetumal airport. Its only about a 1.5 hr drive.   

Are the shops and restaurants within walking distance? 
Shops and restaurants in Mahahual are 15 to 20min from Casa Maria. Mahahual is a great place for fun, food and sun, but leaving the busy streets to return home to Casa Maria is the best of all!  

Is there night life in Mahahual? 
Some of the restaurants and bars stay open late. There are over 20 to choose from, it's best to locate a restaurant early on in your visit, talk to the owners and find out how late they will be open. You will find that they can be very accommodating. Many of the shops and restaurants will close after the Cruise Ships leave town for the day. As more and more people are vacationing in Mahahual, more shops and restaurants are extending thier hours. 

Does Casa Maria have a safe? 
Yes, we offer a small safe.

Do you have hair dryers? 
Hair dryers are not permitted at Casa Maria, until we are connected to the grid later this year.  

Do you have air-conditioning? 
We do offer AC to our guest in the Bedrooms Only, between 8:00pm and 6:00am
Because of the additional usage of propane, there is an additional charge of 25.00usd per night. The charge will be 175.00 for your week stay. 

Washer / Dryer? 
Not at this time. There are two laundromats in Mahahual. Carlos can show you where they are located. 

Do you have internet, phone, TV, DVD? 
We offer a TV with DVD player only (approx 70 movies) No Satellite TV
We also provide wireless Internet, but remember due to our remote location, we cannot always guarantee 100% connectivity. Cell phones will sometimes work from the roof. Skype, Whatsapp and email work the best. 
For better internet while at Casa Maria, we suggest that you turn off notifications, cloud synchronizing programs and generally avoid uploading data, keep uploads to a minimum (smaller photos, etc.) schedule necessary large uploads for times when you are not using the Internet. The system in Mahahual is the best it can be for what we have to work with here, but it is not what everyone is used to in the US. Uploading is the achilles heel of our provider TelMex, in Mexico. Also, the internet will be slower if multiple users are logged on. (Computers, Ipads, Cell phones, etc) Note: There are no refunds if the internet should go down as it is out of everyone’s control in the area. 

Do you allow pets? 
We are sorry but we do not allow pets at Casa Maria  

Do you have a full kitchen?  
Casa Maria offers a full kitchen. There are place settings for ten. Appliances include; refrigerator freezer, stove/oven, coffee maker, blender. (no dishwasher) at this time.  

Do you have a sandy beach? 
Yes, Casa Maria is located on the beach boasting the beautiful white powdery sand and tuquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. We have the best beaches in all of the Costa Maya. The beach and sand changes everyday, always bring water-sox or water-shoes.  

How deep is the water? 
The water in front of Casa Maria and for as far as you can walk is beautiful! It is shallow with lot's of waist high water great for kids and snorkeling. Small waves are perfect for body surfing.  

Does Casa Maria offer beach towels? 
We do offer beach towels to our guest. 

Does Casa Maria have a BBQ 
Yes, Casa Maria has a propane BBQ

Visa or Travellers checks? 
Stores and restaurants in Mahahual do not accept Visa, M/C or Travelers checks at this time. US dollars and Mexican pesos are accepted everywhere. Bring cash or stop at the ATM machine in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum.  

Where can we exchange money? 
ATM machines are available in Mahahual. But everyone uses them, so they may not have money. If you want to exchange money, you can do this at the Cancun airport after you pick up your bags but before you leave the building. However, your best exchange rates will be at a local bank. There are many banks along hwy 307 when you are driving south to Mahahual. You can stop in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Tulum is a little easier with banks on both sides of the street on Hwy 307. The first one being on the right hand side, at the first signal light, next to the grocery store (San Francisco). The best exchange rates are normally at the banks or withdrawning pesos from the ATM comes with a very small fee.

When is the best time to visit Casa Maria 
The weather is always nice in Mahahual. During the rainy season, it may rain for a short period of time, but you can generally enjoy the sun each day. You can always check the weather forecast before you come at: Mahahual Weather. Average temperatures are as follows:  

Month Avg. Rainfall Avg. Temp

Jan. 3.5 inches 75

Feb. 2.2 75

Mar. 1.6 78

Apr. 1.6 80

May 4.6 82

June 7.0 84

July 4.3 84

Aug. 5.9 84

Sept. 9.0 83

Oct. 8.6 81

Nov. 3.8 78

Dec. 4.3 76

What to bring? 
You may want to bring your own snorkel gear. We also have a couple of boogie-boards and kayaks for your use. Water socks are always good to bring. Bug spray that contains "Deet" is good to have some nights. Sunscreen, hiking shoes, camera, camcorder, books, travel games, DVD's.

Where to get groceries? 
Driving from the Cancun airport you can stop in Playa del Carmen or Tulum at one of Mexico's chain grocery stores called Chedraui or Soriana's. We usually stop at Chedraui in Tulum. "Its easy" Will give you better directions with our welcome letter after making your reservations. 

Why is there an additional fee for more than 8 guests? 
Casa Maria's rates are based on 8 guests. An additional fee for guests beyond 8 (with a maximum of 10) is charged to allow for the additional costs associated with propane, water, soap and paper products provided by Casa Maria for our guests. This additional charge is $20 per person per night.

What about security? 
We have never had any issues at Casa Maria. We have a caretaker and his casita on the property 24/7 Use common sense. Lock your car. Lock the house when you leave and when you go to bed. If you leave the property it might be a good idea to let the Caretaker know where you are going and when you will be back.
It’s always a good idea when vacationing at any beach town in Mexico to always lock up the front door to your house when you are playing on the beach. Please remember to close the windows if it looks like rain, as heavy rain showers can blow rain into the house. 

Guest Comments

Casa Maria was designed by its owners
Dana & Suzanne

We have designed the upper bedrooms so that by opening both the east and west balcony doors you can experience the natural Caribbean breeze. (AC is also available)

Come visit our villa and experience the magic! We hope that you will enjoy your stay and help to do your part in protecting this beautiful area of the Costa Maya.

Once you have made your reservation at Casa Maria, we will send you more information and easy directions. 
If you want to print... its 11 pages

Driving to Mahahual

1.You can rent a car from any of the major rental agencies. Enterprise, Thrifty, Avis, National or Fox located at the airport.

2.It’s not a good idea to try and drive to Mahahual when it starts to get dark. There are no street lights, so the drive is very dark. 

3.We like to drive about 45 min to 60 min south to the town of Akumal. You can rent a room at the hotel or bungalow at Hotel Akumal Caribe. http://www.hotelakumalcaribe.com/

4.Once you get your rental car, you drive out of the airport and head south on Hwy 307 towards, Playa del Carmen, Akumal and Tulum.

5.If you choose to stay in Akumal, you can enjoy dinner and drinks at the Lol-Ha Restaurant and bar right on the beach, next to the hotel. http://www.hotelakumalcaribe.com/

6.In the morning you can have breakfast and then drive about 15 min south to Tulum where you can stop at the big grocery store Chedraui.

7. After picking up an ice chest (about 4.00usd) along with your food and drinks, you drive about 2 hours to the Mahahual turn off. 

•It’s easy and there are stops you can make along the way for food, drinks, gas, you even have time to visit the Ruins of Coba or Tulum. 

•We like to leave Mahahual a day before our flight back to the US. We usually find a cheap hotel in Cancun. This way were only about 15 min from the airport on the day we have to depart. (we don’t like to rush the drive back to the Cancun airport the same day as our flight) Use this time to visit a few sites.

Caretakers House 
The Mayan Beach Garden Restaurant & Bar a Short Walk From Casa Maria